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ザビエ・ベトコートより新年のご挨拶 2017









全ての兄弟、友人たちへ。 ザビエ・ベトコート 



          This century is already 17 years old! Still an adolescent and yet so overcharged with experience of economic upheavals, as well as fear and terror after such a traumatic birth (Sep/11). But our task is to flow with the energy of renewal of every new cycle of the Sun, the best image of the source of Life.

In spite of darkness, we have to keep the fire of the Sun in our hearts to help the balance remain on the side of Light.

Maybe the only positive aspect of terrorism is that it helps us to become aware of the capacity of Evil; it also makes us become more focus on the essential things of Life: joy, love, and compassion. What else can be more important than this?

Shortly after the New Year’s Eve, the Epiphany (6 of January) celebrates the manifestation of the Divine Power into the World. This Earth is not an easy planet to live in, and we are a difficult species to deal with; for this reason, the gods, the avatars, Jesus Christ included, have had to manifest themselves time and again to support us. Every time we celebrate the New Year we follow their traces.

Let us worship the Light. And Happy New Year for all our friends! 

Xavier Betancourt